How to Upload CSV || Piara Bazar BD

Nov 21, 2022
How to Upload CSV || Piara Bazar BD

Hello and welcome to Piara Bazar Bangladesh! Here, we will learn how to upload a CSV for bulk products at Piara Bazar Bangladesh. First, you need to download the demo CSV file of Piara Bazar Bangladesh which you will be provided upon registration. Go to “File” on the demo CSV and download it under Comma-separated values (.csv) to make necessary changes.

After you have downloaded the file, open it to find the demo information already provided in different rows and columns. Edit the columns to add your own information. Under “Name”, write down the name of all the products you wish to upload. You will also be provided with a sheet file named “PBI Categories” where you will find the list of categories at Piara Bazar. In the list, all the categories are named with their specific ID number.

There are 366 categories in the list. Instead of going through them all, click Ctrl+F and insert the name of the category you are looking for. For example, click Ctrl+F and write down “electronics” and it will be highlighted in the list. You can see the ID number beside the category name.

Once you have the ID number, go back to the demo CSV file and insert the ID number for your product under “Category.” Then you have the “Brand ID” of your product(s). Go to the seller account dashboard of Piara Bazar. On the dashboard, click on “Products” and find “Bulk Import.” Click there and you can find the files you need for this whole process. You can download the demo CSV file, PBI Categories file, and the Brand ID file from “Bulk Import.”

After you have downloaded the file, open the “Brand ID” file to see the ID number for the specific brand name of the product you are uploading. Go back to the demo CSV file and insert the brand ID numbers accordingly under “Brand ID.” If there is any brand that you cannot find the ID number from the list, then keep that field blank.

Under “description”, write down the product features. You can also look up the specific model of the product and find its features. Then copy the text and paste it into the correct field under “description” in the CSV file.

For the “short description” column, write down some more features or additional information about the product that you want buyers to know. Under “unit price”, write the price of the product you have listed. Under “purchase”, write the price of the product after the discount. If there is no discount, then write the same amount as “unit price.” There are also different “discount” columns on the CSV file. If you are enabling a discount for a product, enter the discounted amount under the first “discount” column.

Under “unit”, insert the unit of your product (i.e. pc, kg, gm, etc.). In the “current” column, insert the number of products you have in your stock. For example, if you have 100 pieces of the listed product, then write 100 in the “current” of that product.

You will see two columns for “weight.” In the first column, insert the weight of the product you have listed. In the second “weight” column, specify the unit measure of weight (whether it is kilograms, grams, or ounces).

Under “low stock”, insert a number if your stock for that specific product is running low. For example, if you have five items of that product left, then write 5. That product will show a low stock warning.

We have already mentioned the discounted price of a listed product. There are more “discount” columns on the CSV file. On the second “discount” column, write down whether you are enabling a discount on an “amount” basis or a “percentage” basis. If you are offering a discount on a “percentage” basis, then write down the percentage number on the first “discount” column.

For example, the price for a product is set at 1000 and you are offering a 10% discount for that product. Then you will write 1000 under “unit price”, 900 under “purchase”, 10 under the first “discount” column, and percent under the second “discount” column.

You can specify how long the discount will be available. The last two “discount” columns are to indicate the starting and ending dates for when the discount will be enabled.

Under “meta title”, copy and paste the product names from the “name” column. You can keep the “meta description” section blank. Copy and paste the product names under “slug” as well. After you are done editing the CSV file, save it on your device. Now you can upload the edited file.

Go to the seller account dashboard on the Piara Bazar website. Click on “Products” and find “Bulk Import” from the drop-down list. Click on “Bulk Import” and you will find an “Upload Product File” section. Under that, go to “choose file” and click on “browse.” Find the edited CSV file you wish to upload and click “open.” Then click on the “Upload CSV” button at the bottom of the upload section.

If you go to the “All Products” section from your dashboard, you will find the listed products from the CSV file. Please note that all information cannot be added via the CSV file. The CSV file is to add multiple products at once and add some basic information about each product.

After the CSV file is uploaded, click on each product to edit the information. Check every section to see if all the details you added to the CSV file carried over without a hitch. Then you can add new information or make changes. You can also add information that you cannot add via the CSV file (i.e. images, video, free shipping, etc.).

Once you are done adding all the information for a product, you can upload it to your account. Changes can be made to the provided information at any time in the future from the seller account dashboard.

 We hope now you can edit and upload your own CSV file for bulk products on Piara Bazar. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to our support team. Thank you for choosing Piara Bazar Bangladesh.

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