TV & Home Appliances

OFF 11%

Garlic Spice Box Large - Trans

৳70 ৳62
OFF 12%

Marbel Water Bottle 650 ml-Light Blue

৳125 ৳110
OFF 12%

Salt Pot- Camellia

৳65 ৳57
OFF 12%

TPR NS Ruti Tawa - 26 cm - Eco

৳565 ৳497
OFF 12%

Garlic Spice Box Small - Trans

৳60 ৳53
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Lucy Mug 500 ml - Assorted

৳100 ৳88
OFF 12%

Spark Water Bottle 550 ml - Assorted

৳170 ৳150
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Smiley Kiddo Water Bottle 450 ML-Tr Blue

৳150 ৳132
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Coffee Mug 350 ML - Pearl Yellow

৳60 ৳53
OFF 12%

Freezer Bottle Classic 2l - Assorted

৳220 ৳194
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Chopping Board Apple-TEL

৳90 ৳79
OFF 12%

Web Dish Cover Big - Red

৳270 ৳238
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Lemon Squeezer - Light Blue

৳110 ৳97
OFF 4%

Havells Puro plus 5s 15 ltr water heater - White

৳12,300 ৳11,800
OFF 2%
OFF 4%

Havells Monza-ec 10lter White

৳13,170 ৳12,670
OFF 3%

Havells Monza EC H 35ltr water Heater

৳18,500 ৳18,000
OFF 4%

Havells Monza Slim 15ltr water Heater

৳15,000 ৳14,400
OFF 8%

Havells Puro Plus 25ltr Water Heater - Ivory

৳12,000 ৳11,000
OFF 5%

Havells Monza-ec 25 liters Water Heater

৳10,500 ৳10,000
OFF 3%

Havells Monza Slim 25 liters water Heater

৳17,500 ৳17,000

TV and Home Appliances

A TV might seem obsolete at times since we can watch all the contents we want on other devices (i.e., computers and smartphones). But still, any living room or drawing room seems empty without a TV mounted on one of the walls. With a TV, you can enjoy game or movie nights with friends and family. TVs are not the only items you can find under “TV and Home Appliances” at Piara Bazar BD.

A household needs a wide array of products to keep things smooth and running. Whether it is in the kitchen or in other places of the house, there are tons of different products one needs to go through their daily life with ease.

We have a spectacular collection of home appliances at Piara Bazar. The “TV and Home Appliances” dashboard drops down to reveal a bunch of sub-categories. You can browse through the different kinds of products you need. With such a large collection of different home and kitchen appliances in one place, it would be a time-saving task to find a specific item.

Look through our collection of water filters and purifiers from trusted sellers so your family can have a clean drinking water supply at home. We also have fans and other cooling products that can be your perfect companion during the scorching summer months.

Our vast range of kitchen appliances consists of everything one might need in their kitchen. From frying pans to tissue holders, you can find anything you might need for a modern and functioning kitchen. For people who love to bake or have online cake shops, we have a wide range of baking tools to assist in the process of delicious cake baking.

You can filter the products according to brands or price ranges to narrow down the search. It would also save a lot of time to insert the product name in the search bar and look through the items that match the keyword. If you cannot find a particular product at Piara Bazar BD, we implore you to contact our support team. Our sellers are adding new products every day. You will be notified when your desired item becomes available.