Ajwa Dates Premium 10 kg

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  • Fresh Quality
  • Halal
  • Hand-selected fresh quality dates
  • No harmful chemical is present
  • Comes in a box 
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(10000 available)

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Details of Ajwa Dates Premium 10 kg

Fresh and chemical free. Benefits of dates are: 1.Antioxidants in dates have disease-fighting properties. It contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, calcium, potassium. The supply of fiber is also sufficient. So if you keep this fruit in your diet, you can easily meet the necessary elements of the body.

 2.Dates are very important in patients who have anemia. Dates provide about 11% of the iron required in a healthy person's body.

3.The various minerals contained in dates help to maintain the heart rate. So this fruit is also beneficial for heart health.

4.The sodium in dates regulates blood pressure. Therefore, dates should be kept in the diet of high blood pressure patients.

5. Due to the presence of lutein and zeaxanthin in dates, it improves the health of the retina.

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