The monitor's display technology has improved to include LED illumination, it still commonly comes with a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) as an output display device for desktop PCs. The monitor's original purpose was limited to providing output for data processing, but starting in 1980, it also included entertainment. When you go through a selection of computer monitors, you may find the most well-liked LED and LCD models. Additionally, you may get curved, gaming, touch, and ultra-wide 4K Monitors in a range of sizes. The most well-known manufacturers, including HP, Acer, Dell, Phillips, Benq, LG, Samsung, and Asus, are all available from Star Tech. Choose your monitor properly to receive the best performance, regardless of whether you're a student, independent contractor, content developer, or designer.

Types of Monitor available in BD

Based on a few properties and mechanisms, several types of monitors can be categorized. There are numerous varieties of monitors on the market. The most popular monitors include:

LCD Monitors & LED Monitors

The abbreviation, LCDs, refers to liquid crystal screens.superb resolutions, as well as superb color and image quality, can be found in LCD monitors. However, they may have a poor response time as well as a slow refresh rate.

A light-emitting diode is referred to as an LED. LED displays, commonly referred to as LED-backlit monitors, provide superb color and image quality but have slow response times. They are thus appropriate for motion-dependent tasks like gaming or graphics.