Football Jersey: Player Edition vs. Fan Edition

Feb 19, 2022
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Football Jersey: Player Edition vs. Fan Edition

Once again, it’s FIFA time! With the arrival of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, make yourself a part of the biggest celebration of football. Rock the jersey of your favorite team to embrace the spirit of FIFA. It doesn’t matter who you support: Argentina, Brazil, or Germany – buy the jersey of your favorite team from Piara Bazar today!

When you browse through football jerseys to buy, you might have seen the terms ‘Player Edition’ and ‘Fan Edition.’ Player edition jerseys cost more than the fan edition ones. Does that automatically mean that player-edition jerseys are better? The answer is both yes and no. Both editions of jerseys are made from quality materials and designed to match the look of the real one your favorite player wears on the field. One jersey is not superior to the other one.

The difference is behind the intention of both jerseys. The jerseys are different because they are made for different purposes. Let us check out the characteristics of both jerseys to understand their differences.


The first difference you would notice in both jerseys is the fabric type. You can notice that the fabric of the player edition jersey is made from a very lightweight and stretchy material. It is highly breathable, with lots of tiny holes that allow plenty of ventilation. Thanks to the fabric of the player edition jersey, the wearer stays cooler since the sweat dries much faster.

The fan edition jersey is less stretchy compared to the player edition. It has fewer holes, so the ventilation is also not as effective as the player edition. But fan edition jerseys are much more durable than player edition ones. The fabric is more robust and lasts way longer.


Both jerseys are not just made from different materials, but they are tailored differently as well. If you put on a player-edition Argentina jersey, it would fit you more snugly compared to a fan edition one. Player edition jerseys are more slimmed and are rounded around the bottom corners. This is also called a performance-fit jersey. These are made to be worn on the field. It clings to the body of the players so they can run around the field more comfortably. The round-edged bottoms keep the jersey from rising up more often.

The fan edition jerseys are more loosely fitted. They allow more room so people with any body type can wear them. The fit of a fan edition jersey is more relaxed since it is made for regular wear. Fans can jump around in them as they celebrate every goal of their favorite team.


The crests on both jerseys are added via different methods. When you pick up a player edition Germany jersey, you will notice that the team logo/crest and all the sponsor logos are heat-transferred. It blends with the fabric seamlessly.

As for the fan edition jersey, the team logo/crest and sponsor logos are embroidered into the fabric. You can feel the logos lifting up from the jersey fabric.

Why are they different?

The reason these are made differently is that they are meant to be used for different reasons. Player edition jerseys are made for athletes or people who would probably wear them in a game. This type of jersey is tailored to fit more athletic bodies. The fabric allows players to move around the field without the jersey riding up. Since the fabric is more breathable, players would not feel suffocated while wearing a player-edition jersey. The crest and logos are heat-transferred since the main purpose is to keep the jersey as lightweight as possible. Embroidery would add more weight to the fabric, so it is avoided for player edition jerseys.

The fan edition jerseys are made for the fans, as is evident from the name. These jerseys are more loose-fitted, so anyone who does not have an athletic body can still wear them comfortably. The crest and logos are embroidered, so they are more long-lasting. The materials are also more durable, so fans can wear the jersey for longer periods of time.

Which one should you buy?

From the differences and characteristics of the jerseys, you might have a conclusion already. You are probably wondering if people who are planning on doing something athletic while wearing a jersey should go for the player edition one. People who want a more long-lasting jersey should go for the fan edition.

Well, not necessarily. The point about their durability and breathability still stands. But in the end, it all comes down to the wearer. If someone wants to wear a player-edition Brazil jersey during hotter months because it is more breathable, they absolutely can. Some people believe that player edition jerseys are more ‘authentic.’ They can choose to buy a player edition jersey even if they do not plan on indulging in any sports while wearing them.

Similarly, if an athlete wants to wear the fan edition jersey because they want something more loose-fitted, it is completely up to them. Fan edition jerseys are also more durable than player edition ones. That can be another reason for someone to pick a fan edition, even if they will be doing athletic activities.

There is no restriction on wearing a specific type of jersey. It all comes down to preference. We just tried to clear up any confusion one might have about the differences between both types of jerseys. Hopefully, this helped you understand the key differences and purpose behind a player edition jersey and a fan edition jersey.

In a Nutshell

It does not matter which style of jersey you wear. Not wearing a fan edition jersey will not make you less of a fan than someone who does. Just pick the one you like and show your support for your favorite team at the FIFA world cup.

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